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Driven by Excellence, the monthly podcast by PDT Fleet Training.


PDT Fleet Training Solutions, one of the country’s top quality driver training organisations, has developed a series of monthly podcasts to share their expertise to the wider transport and logistics sector.

The transport and logistics industry is constantly evolving. New technologies, regulations, standards and best practices are emerging all the time, and as a busy fleet professional, it can sometimes be hard to keep abreast of developments.

Driven by Excellence will support you and the wider sector by highlighting the latest trends and developments and how they will affect you and your business.

The podcasts will cover a wide range of topics. These will include government changes to driver training requirements, driver recruitment and retention, policing and the risk from young, inexperienced drivers. These podcasts are designed to be easily accessible to all levels of responsibility and experience. There will be something of value for everyone.


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Episode 1 >

In the first episode of Driven By Excellence, Hattie is joined by Former Inspector Olly Tayler QPM, as they unpack his experience in road policing and dig down to find out what led him to get involved and proactively reduce road risk.


Episode 2 >

In this episode of Driven By Excellence, Hattie is joined by Pip Bains, arguably one of the most knowledgeable people in the logistics and compliance sector as they discuss his 20-year career within logistics and his thoughts on some key topics including future trends, the impact of Brexit and the shift to zero-emissions vehicles.

Episode 3 >

In this episode, we discuss the transition process from the military to employment as a professional LGV Driver, what attracts service leavers to the transport industry, what employers can do to attract more to follow this career path and what more can be done to help individuals through the process.

Episode 4 >

In this episode of Driven By Excellence, Hattie is joined by Mark Cartwright, head of the Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention team at National Highways, to discuss road safety and National Highways' role in making roads safer.


Episode 5 >

In this episode, we discuss what employers do or could do to attract more driving talent into the industry and how to retain them.


Episode 6 >

In this episode, Hattie speaks with Andy Smart, head of L&D for PDT Fleet Training Solutions, to discuss his experience in creating and assuring effective delivery of driver training courses and the importance of driver CPC training.


Episode 7 >

In this episode, Hattie is joined by James Evans, the founder and managing director of First Car, an organisation that publishes over 2 million safe driving magazines each year.


Episode 8 >

In this episode, Hattie is joined by Dr Victoria Kroll, CEO and co-founder of Esitu Solutions, a company focused on implementing traffic psychology research into the real world.

Vicky shares her journey into road risk academia and discusses the importance of their research in improving driver safety, the benefits of virtual reality in road safety, and the impact of their research on the fleet industry.

Episode 9 >

In this episode, Hattie is joined once again by Former Inspector Olly Tayler QPM, as they delve into the impact on not only the drivers and their loved ones but also the wider community and the first responders who deal with these traumatic events.

Please note, this episode contains discussions of fatal road traffic accidents. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode 10 >

In this episode, Hattie is joined by former Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell, who shares insights from her career and her continued work in the road safety sector. Listen as Beverley reflects on her journey as the first female Traffic Commissioner and emphasises the need for operators to seek expert advice and be proactive in maintaining safe and legally compliant fleet operations.